Three Short Poems by Angel Ackerman

One of these days
I will open a vein and the words
that tumble out
will redefine me; 
but until then I am mute, 
hollow and pained.

the mattress is gone.
one less memory of her 
blue-lipped breathless flesh

he burns a candle
we bought a lifetime ago 
when love forgave sins

Angel Ackerman has studied world history, specifically post-colonial Francophone Africa, Muslim relations, and contemporary Western politics. Her publications include the poem This Paris in StepAway magazine, an essay on the weather and travel on the Horn of Africa in Rum Punch Press, academic encyclopedia entries on Djibouti, a review in Global Studies South on a book examining famine in Somalia, and Stoicism, a ten-word story in Dime Show Review.

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