In the Sideways

By Paul Corman Roberts

All this distancing
is going to leave us
hornier and kinkier than ever

All this time lying about
our platforms will leave no
willing body undiscovered.

There is only so much lonely
We can bear
before giving in to the larger ocean
and all the forbidden that follows

Sadness and joy
become a singularity
resistance turns to vapor
shoes removed on sand
bodies presented momentarily
before returning
to the void of lonely asteroids
passing in the night
searching for a shore
they can’t even remember
was promised or not

All of us now
deep in the sideways
still pretending
it’s not us.

 Paul Corman-Roberts is the author of the forthcoming full length poetry collection Bone Moon Palace from Nomadic Press (2021.) He is a co-founder of Oakland’s Beast Crawl Lit Festival and teaches writing to students as young as 5 and as old as 93, and plays drums for the U.S. Ghostal Service and Wimmin’ Flewids.

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