A thousand little irritants

By Garry Turchin

The way mail piles up
the way we argue
the way we fail
and keep failing
the way we age
and carry grudges
the way we hurt ourselves
and each other
the way we smell
or others smell
the way we have to wait
the way we have to hurry
the way no one cares
the way we don’t care
the way our government doesn’t understand
the way our understanding doesn’t matter
the way we live or don’t live
the way we die
or will die.

And tomorrow
the Sun
like a giant ball of wonder
will bounce up
happy and yellow
inventing each day
like it’s the only thing that matters.

Gary Turchin uses humor and plain language to evoke poems with deep cosmic underpinnings and vast scope.He is the author/illustrator of the wondrous, If I Were You (2011 Simon DeWitt), and the award-winning verse collection, Ditty-Ditty Doggerel; A Life From Bad To Verse (2012 Simon DeWitt). In 2013, Sugartown Publications released his poetry collection, Falling Home

Recent poetry credits include Inquiring Mind, Blue Lyra Review, The Gathering, Light the Sky (anthology published by San Francisco Peace and Hope), and Poetalk. Recent poetry awards include a number of Ina Coolbrith Circle awards, Maggi H. Meyer Memorial Poetry Contest awards, and a few Soul-Making Keats Literary awards.
His epic poem, My Father Who Art in Heaven, was published in an anthology, Fault Zone, Stepping Up To The Edge (2011, Sand Hill Review Press). 
June 26, 2016 was declared “Gary Turchin Day” by the Berkeley City Council, in honor of his contributions to the Berkeley arts community.

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