In our pre-pandemic incarnation, this site was conceived as a weekly poetry journal, publishing one poem each Thursday evening. But, as COVID swept in and jumbled everything (including days of the week,) people were distracted, the steady flow of submissions became unreliable. Posts were missed and eventually we decided to put the project on pause and redesign it as a more sustainable entity: a quarterly magazine.

That is not to say that we didn’t have some really great poetry early on… which is what this portion of the site is all about. Scan through the posts below to read all the wonderful pieces from our weekly features.


By Dee Allen The silent wallsKnow my every mood.This room is where myConfidence goes to die.I come here as wellTo recover, nurse the woundsPast detractorsWith knives sliced into me.Four wooden wallsIn a first-floor duplex apartmentProvide refuge fromThe mob of haters looking to finish the job.No more performances.No more false adulation.No more attempts to impressFaces thatContinue reading “Hermit”

Abused Anonymous

By Brianna Booker daddy’s out of jail nowshe can’t see him anymorehe’s in a halfway house she pictures a building with only three walls mamma gets home from workshe hands her baby girl a coatwinter’s coming in the mountains This is only halfway to a home; the best she thinks there is they live offContinue reading “Abused Anonymous”

In the Sideways

By Paul Corman Roberts All this distancing is going to leave us hornier and kinkier than ever All this time lying about our platforms will leave nowilling body undiscovered. There is only so much lonely We can bearbefore giving in to the larger ocean and all the forbidden that follows Sadness and joy become aContinue reading “In the Sideways”


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