By Dee Allen The silent wallsKnow my every mood.This room is where myConfidence goes to die.I come here as wellTo recover, nurse the woundsPast detractorsWith knives sliced into me.Four wooden wallsIn a first-floor duplex apartmentProvide refuge fromThe mob of haters looking to finish the job.No more performances.No more false adulation.No more attempts to impressFaces thatContinue reading “Hermit”

A thousand little irritants

By Garry Turchin The way mail piles upthe way we arguethe way we failand keep failingthe way we ageand carry grudgesthe way we hurt ourselvesand each otherthe way we smellor others smellthe way we have to waitthe way we have to hurrythe way no one caresthe way we don’t carethe way our government doesn’t understandtheContinue reading “A thousand little irritants”

Three Short Poems by Angel Ackerman

BLEEDINGOne of these daysI will open a vein and the wordsthat tumble outwill redefine me; but until then I am mute, hollow and pained. #10the mattress is gone.one less memory of her blue-lipped breathless flesh #16he burns a candlewe bought a lifetime ago when love forgave sins Angel Ackerman has studied world history, specifically post-colonial Francophone Africa, Muslim relations,Continue reading “Three Short Poems by Angel Ackerman”

Stones Stand

By Catherine Zickgraf Like threaded grooves of a clock screw,ramps channeled rocks to build up walls.I´m folding towels, a spire falls.The centuries are not coming back. Nothing lasts forever, I shiver as CNN shows the fire.Churches of trees will burn-but only burial can melt the stoneswhen the earth takes back its own Catherine Zickgraf´s mainContinue reading “Stones Stand”